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Next, feel free to look at the "Blog Archives." There are many topics that you may have an interest in reading. As you girlies know, we now have Teflon brains and often cannot have the focus power that we have had in the past. Feel free to come here often and hopefully you will FEEL the loving support that me and other mamas are sending. Hopefully you will begin to see sparks of hope for your future...

Hugs... Pamela

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting organized and updating all of you

October 14, 2012 - Getting Organized and Updating all of you
Today is the first day that I am TRYING to be organized!!!! I have a gazillion things running around in this little brain of mine now and I become overwhelmed because I often do not feel like I am doing any of them WELL!
We have a lot of Mamas in our world that NEED support. Let's face it... We ALL need support because the regular world doesn't have a clue about what to DO WITH US after our child died. We are one great big giant puzzle to them. They send us casseroles and try to support us in the ways that they know how to support us... but losing your child makes US not know what to do with OURSELVES even.
That is where this new email address has grown from. See... we are growing and I also have teflon brain and need help with organization and support. That is where this new email address is going to help! Some of you are EXCELLENT writers (far better than me!) and I am willing to say "Y'all come help this sister out!" By creating this email there are a few people that can help make certain that I put new people on the email list and also keep up with the previous emails (newsletters etc). My goal is to have a newsletter email sent out weekly.
This is daunting to me because I am eyeball deep into completing this BSN project in the next two weeks. As part of this, I am going to ask for some of your help. My project is on Creating Supportive Mechanisms for Grieving Mothers. I think that you can see where YOU fall into this picture.... I will be looking for support and answers and prayers as I finish this gigantic project. More to come on this later.
So I want you to know that Hope For Grieving Mothers email is holeheartedmamas@gmail.com We all have holes in our heart but you WILL learn to live with the hole and it will eventually become more like a comfortable pair of old shoes.
As quick little note from the book Grieving Forward:
So much is distilled in our tears, not the least of which is wisdom in living life. From my own tears, I have found, when you follow your tears, you find your heart. --Ken Gire
"I learned a valuable lesson: tears have a vital purpose - to release what our hearts cannot hold. No matter where you are in your grieving process, tears will come again and again. When they do, remember that tears are your friends-- and God's soothing ointment for your soul. Let your tears flow, for they are the silent voice of your heart."
Those who sow in tears Shall reap in joy. Psalms 126:5 nkjv
Hugs to each of you, my sweet mama friends!!! I look forward to hearing from each of you.
Pamela Parker

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