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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lessons after Labor Day

September 4, 2012 -- Lessons After Labor Day
Well ladybugs...
We have all made it through another holiday! See.... Not so bad... Maybe?! Mark another one off the list. Take A deep breath and try to SMILE!
It's been another really bizarre weekend for me. I've learned soon much in the past few weeks. I have always believed that TIME does NOT make this grief better.... It is what you do with that time... The grief WORK!
I very very painfully observed this when I was recently caught off guard by a sweet mother who had never really spent any time talking about her loss from several years ago. It touched my heart deeply and filled me with sorrow. You REALLY MUST try to grieve forward in order to grieve FORWARD. There is grace to be found in grieving... Much fear in doing so, but definitely there is healing. With that being said, I'm proud of each any every one of you for stepping those little tootsies on the floor and reaching out to each other as well as our loving God and saying "whatttt do I dooooo?!". And telling the world--- "help me y'all!". OK... maybe you don't scream it or say those words, but letting people know what you need (or just each other) is on the right track.
Another big lesson that I knew but didn't pay attention to (imagine that! ME not listening!) is that we MUST take a break from grief when we can and bring lightness and laughter when we can. It won't be the SAME kind of laughter as in the past, but we MUST watch a dumb silly movie or divert our brain as much as we can towards laughter or humor. If not, the heaviness can SUCK OUR SPIRITS and make us feel even more nutso. I've spent so much time at funerals, at camp, writing, and looking at my secondary losses (that's another topic for another day) that I got sucked into a little bit of a funk this weekend.... That's not good for ME or ANYONE... lesson relearned. So take that BREAK!!
Now for one of my favorite verses... "The Lord will give strength unto his people. The Lord will bless His people with peace." Psalms 29:11
Pamela Parker

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