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Hugs... Pamela

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoughts and asking for your insight

Anyone who knows me in person is aware that I have many things going on at one time. Right now I'm writing three different blog posts.... There was a time that I remember writing in my journal-- "grief makes you focus on singular things." I could only think about one thing at a time. Even then, with my Teflon brain, things didn't stick. People's names.... Gone. What tasks I needed to do... Gone. Those thoughts slipped right off of that Teflon brain! Just as Teflon doesn't last forever, things start to stick to your brain a little better eventually. Now I'm not gonna lie, the folks that I work with often mention my "ADD". Actually, I can occasionally be sensitive about that because of how far I've come since the horrible physical and emotional shock of Logan's death.

Until the stuff that I'm writing is completed, I want to share other thoughts. In regards to the blog, apparently, the "comments" section hasn't been working. Now it's fixed. Remember that I'm a NURSE and not a computer website professional. Thanks to everyone for your patience! :))

With that being said, I would like for people to share their favorite websites and Facebook pages. One of my new favorite fb pages is "Silent Grief - Child loss support." When you "like" their page, you will have messages come through your newsfeed that may help you to feel less crazy and alone. Actually, I often really connect with the words.

I always tell a mama to absorb and listen to all of the advice that they receive. What helps in the first few days will be different than what happens at the four month period. And the six month period. And the year afterwards. And two years later. And three years later. You get the point! I often say - "where you are now, you will not always be". Emotionally you will change and grieve differently over time. So listen and read and collect articles and books. Later one of those things that had little significance early on may create a new lightbulb moment.

Please feel free to leave comments (now that it works!!) or pop me an email with thoughts. Hugs to each of you mamas who are learning to redefine normal.... And to all of the other people who are weighted with grief. May you trust and blindly believe that this "winter" is just a season in your life.

Pamela Parker

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