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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That Crazy Bird... I can relate to the "crazy" part!

While laying in bed on my day off, outside of my bedroom window I hear the birds twittering. The sun has reappeared and its beginning to feel like spring.... Outside!

Yesterday I was concerned for a robin that was continuing to fly into my glass door. I would chase it away and when I left the room, I could hear that "thud" every fifteen seconds. It was driving me bananas but also I was worried for the bird. I googled this bizarre phenomenon and learned that this bird is fighting the bird in its reflection.

I began to think... How often do we "fight" ourselves in ignorance, just like this robin? Doesn't this bird understand that it's spring? It shouldn't fight! It should be flying around and twittering and it should be "happy."

While in the smoky mountains recently I saw a sign that said "We don't laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh. - William James".

We have been experiencing the quiet dark winter. The world around us is feeling springtime. It is easy to be that robin who unknowingly fights itself. We may not FEEL like its springtime. We may not feel like laughing.

There are hundreds of people who are reading this blog. We are all in different places in the journey and process of grief. Some just recently lost a loved one. For others it has been a while. Regardless, attempt to "take a break" from the physical part of your grief and attempt to laugh. "Fake it till you make it." The theory is that one day you WILL make it.

Find something to make you smile. We sadly now truly understand the definition of a bad day. On the flip side, try to find the blessings and joy in THIS very day.

Don't do this because the "world" around you wants you to be happy. They won't understand. Try to see the gifts around you because you CAN see them-- and they are gifts. That first spring after my sons death, I surrounded myself in the peace and quiet of my flower garden.

It may not be the spring that we have had in the past or desire, but take some deep breaths outside and try to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. There is hope for a better tomorrow... That can slowly quietly creep back into your life when you allow it.

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