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Monday, October 21, 2013

Creative Grieving- Activities to nourish your spirit

Today I visited downtown Asheville North Carolina. I stopped in a local downtown bookstore and found a cool book by a local writer. "Creative Grieving - a hip chicks path from loss to hope." By Elizabeth Berrien. 

I'm just now digging through this book and found a few pearls of helpful things to DO in order to MOVE through your grief towards healing. 

Enjoy girlies!  Try to focus on the beauty in the change of the season and just BREATHE and relax those tight tired muscles. Know that I'm cheering you on from the sidelines.  Tootsies on the floor-- each and every day. :)

Pamela Parker 

The following contains quotes and summarizations from a small portion of the book.  Please email me if you want additional information on any of these activities. 

Creative Hip Chick Ideas: Activities to nurture your spirit. 

"If you're alive you're creative... We "reduce" and "deflect" our creative selves in many ways. Life is the creative act, not the canvas or the blank page. --Patto Digh

This list of ideas was developed from some of the activities I created and practiced throughout different stages of my own grief journey. You might be thinking, "but I don't have a creative bone in my body!"  Well, the beauty of these activities is that you don't have to be an artist or expert at anything.  

You may find that some of these ideas resonate with you and others don't. You may find you are drawn to do certain activities early in your grief and then gradually feel up to pursuing other ideas later in your journey as your needs shift and your grief is transformed. Although you may initially engage in an activity as a distraction, you may find that you feel uplifted by it and strengthened to try other ones. 

Three categories:
Be Mindful includes writing, music, list making, and self nurturing activities. They are about being gentle with yourself and being mindful of your thoughts and needs while pulling from your creative spirit. 

Getting Physical recommends activities that can help improve your overall well being through movement. Because grief is often held in the body, these activities can help release stress and muscle tension while also providing relaxation for the mind. They can be done at any level of fitness, and they are also a great reason to get up and get going during the day.

Going Visual lists fun art activities that can be done by anyone. They include projects such as making a memory scrapbook, wishing ribbons, or decorating affirmation stones. You don't need to be an artist to be creative!

Do these at your own pace; do them by yourself or with a friend; do them early in the morning or in the middle of the night; do one a day or one every three months. 

Be mindful:
*Keep a journal
*Create a CD that sparks your soul
*Seek a little comfort just for you.
*Write down all the ways you were enriched by your loves ones in your life. 
*Learn to make lists. 
*Spend time around animals. 
*Treat yourself to something you've been wanting. 
*Create a ritual of honor during a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or other celebrations. 
*Learn a new game with your girlfriends. 
*Practice random acts of kindness. 
*Consider writing your own story of loss and hope. 

Getting Physical:
*Visit a massage therapist 
*Become a day tripper
*Try a creative movement dance class. 
*Take a yoga class 

Going Visual:
*Create a memory scrapbook
*Take a creative art class
*Create a memory box
*Make a memorial quilt from your loved ones clothing 
*Try your hand at SoulCollage (www.soulcollage.org)
*Decorate stones with affirmation 
*Create wishing ribbons (using a sharpie, write down your hope or wishes and tie the ribbons to a tree in your yard.  Create your own meaning) 

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  1. Excellent stuff! Depending on where one is in their grief, the amount of time that they have the energy to devote to these activities may vary...for some, 30 seconds per day may be a challenge. But as one progresses, the amount of time can increase....Oh, and do not forget about poetry and music...self expression can be so liberating!...Rick Chance