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Hugs... Pamela

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dateline, JFK, and Thanksgiving Share A Common Thread

Earlier this week I watched Dateline.  What was particularly interesting about this show was the ending.  The mother of the victim said to the accused murderer  - "I refuse to let you take another day of MY life.  I forgive you."  

It is a slow journey to arrive at the place where we stop seeking someone to blame -- or to forgive the person who really is to blame. 

Today is the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. At this place in my life I have found it interesting that Jacqueline Kennedy's infant son Patrick had died just three months prior to her trip to Dallas. Patrick was born six weeks early and was rushed to Boston for advanced care. He lived only two days and died without her seeing or holding him again. She was unable to attend his funeral. This woman pushed herself (or was pushed) to assist with the start of the presidential campaign by traveling to Dallas with her husband.  The entire world knows the end of this story...  

This woman suffered two unimaginable losses in a short period of time --- in full view of the world. She did still continue to be a parent to two children who had also suffered these unimaginable losses. 

This week the sole survivor of the family, Caroline, chose to not be in the United States. Now-- let's think about this!  She was a CHILD when grief shattered her family twice. Fifty years later she is all grown up... And chose to be far away from this national reminder of her personal trauma. 

How was Jackie and her children's lives permanently altered? More importantly-- How are YOUR children's lives altered by their grief?

Next week is Thanksgiving.   Again, I remind you of the words from the mother of the Dateline murder victim--
"I refuse to let you take another day of MY life." -- Or my children's lives. 

Be brave girls. Be real but be brave... and be thankful for your blessings of today... For life changes constantly. 

Hugs my friends--

Ps-- Today is National Children's Grief Awareness Day as well!!  


  1. Jacqueline Kennedy has been the mystery of grief to me. Did you know that on the afternoon of JFK's funeral, she returned to the White House and hosted a birthday party for 2 year old Jon Jon. I have never known if this is an admirable trait or some other aspect human survival.....Rick Chance