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Monday, April 18, 2016

Empathy and Hope

often become saddened and sickened when watching death create suffering for my friends.  

The following is part of a deep discussion that I had with a close friend this weekend. 

He stated "Death is a part of life.  I firmly believe that without it we couldn’t have everything that is also worth while- laughter, love, happiness. They are a package deal.

Our talks with grieving people are often very tiring.  Afterwards, I always feel better about humanity and myself after participating in one.  In the end, all of our things, all of our freedom, all of our material goods mean nothing in the moment when we or our loved ones go.  What matters is that we have lived and loved and with the grace of God have put our souls in order. The way to do that was lighted for us by Christ- and since then we have had need of no other light. This is why it is good to stand by and comfort a fellow human and in the process to be reminded of our own humanity and the importance of these final truths. 

There is hope, and I believe with certainty, that the way has already been lit for us.  

Those who go before us are waiting on the other side, and that they have been healed and made whole again."

Tonight, these words reminded me of our purpose and our future--  and our hope.  May we all have the courage to remain empathetic to the grievers of this world and continue to cry with them.  Thankful for every healing tear that I have shed... For they were gifted to us by our loving God.   

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