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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Memories not shared

My Logan loved the Indianapolis colts. For many years, we had season tickets to watch Peyton manning play. It was a large family event every week. I would prepare food for 6-8 hours the day before the game. Every week for ten games, we hauled two tailgating grills and tons of food that I had prepared for 20-50 people. Logan LOVED every moment of this experience. He knew the RCA dome like the back of his hand and was truly one of the colts biggest fans. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy the first Colts preseason game. Although Logan died shortly before the new Lucas Oil Stadium opened, the family memories and stories of Logan were in my every thought. 

Although I was with wonderful friends, I recognized that it would be awkward for others if I verbalized all of these memories. Few topics dampen a celebration more than mentioning your dead child. 

If one of my living children loved the Colts as much as Logan, that would have been an appropriate topic of discussion. We could all laugh at the silly stories.  Although the thoughts of Logan now make me smile, they are guaranteed to toss a wet blanket on the atmosphere. I do not desire to have others sad. I opted to keep these treasured memories for myself. 

As the Colts came onto the field and we cheered the unofficial beginning of the new season, I remembered my son. I was also purposefully respectful of society's expectations. 

I celebrated the fact that he had the opportunity to have these cool life experiences for a short season that was his earthly life. After all, I firmly believe that the journey of life is what we should celebrate daily. 

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