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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Country Fried Steak, Forget Me Nots, and Deb

Today is my day off. Today is also Logan’s 28th birthday. Mother’s Day and Logan’s birthday are always close together. For this reason, I have been very irritable and grouchy lately, so it has not been a stellar few days. 

Because this is my only day off I had much to accomplish. I wanted to stay in bed in the dark and close off the world but I had so much I needed to do today. 

After lunch and planting my forget me not plants from my friend Jane, I traveled to an appointment. Driving home, I decided to stop at a local restaurant.  I could not stop thinking about Logan’s favorite- country fried steak. This restaurant has it on the menu.

The waitress approached my table and said- “Hi. My name is Deb. What can I get you to drink tonight?”  Then she unexpectedly sat down and said- “What can I get for you that will make you smile?”  I said- “Oh my goodness. I needed that today.” Then I burst into tears. It is a rare occurrence that I cry. The tears surprised both of us. After she whipped up my margarita, I thanked her again and explained that it is Logan’s birthday. She then told me about her Angel who was stillborn on March 11, twenty six years ago.

As I sat in the restaurant alone I realized that this sweet Deb was sent to me to comfort me. She hugged me as we realized that we are sisters in the club that no one asks to join. 

All of this made me smile because I finally released those tears which had been stuck inside of me and that our very loving God sent this sweet lady to connect with me... to comfort me. 

Today I remembered Logan’s birth. I remembered Logan as a child and a teen.  I cried as I reflected on the what might have been. I bonded with an unexpected mama and she comforted ME. I learned about her daughter Angel and that March 11 will now always be significant for me. And I had country friend steak and cake. I planted forget me nots. And I smiled.  

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  1. Thank you for your post I’m reading for the first time. Tomorrow is my son’s first birthday in Heaven and my friend LaReta suggested your blog to me. I was directed right to your son’s birthday post. I look forward to reading more of your posts to get me through tomorrow and more difficult days ahead.