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How many children DO I have?!?

How many children do I HAVE?! 
This is a dreaded question that we are faced with. It made me nauseated and anxious early on when I had to ponder over exactly how to answer this question.

Because I work as a nurse in a hospital, patients often ask me "how many children do you have?"  I say THREE!  I do have three but one is no longer on this earth with me. (I keep this part to myself) Although I had initially practiced this answer, I remember the first time that question was posed to me and how I was paralyzed.

This is my philosophy. I gave birth to three children. My middle son is the only child born c-section. I find a bit of irony with this....  At times I can look at that scar on my tummy and remember that he WAS  here.... he was born and lived and breathed here.

Because Heaven is a real place, Logan now is there after he died.

This is the reason that I have three children.... Because I DO have three children. One day we will all be together but for now, there is that separation.

Then when people say- what are their ages?  "Oh, my oldest son is 26 and my youngest daughter is 19."  On occasion I will have people push just a bit more-- "how old is your other child?"  I typically respond "Logan died at the age of 17 five years ago". Then I must watch the sorrow and horror on their face.  I say "hey!  It's ok!  It's new to you but not new to me."  I really do not desire to have this discussion with people with whom I have casually met.

The one time that I stated "Two children", I felt as though I had betrayed Logan and was dishonest. I personally cannot say that again.

Everyone has a different viewpoint on this. Think about it and practice the answer.... Yes!  practice SAYING the answer. That's my tip on this touchy subject.

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