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If you are new to this club (that no one asked to join- the one where your child has died), it is best to start by going to the BOTTOM RIGHT and look at the "Pages" section. Under this section you will find resources for mothers who are grieving the loss of their child. Resources to help your children deal with grief are also grouped together.

Next, feel free to look at the "Blog Archives." There are many topics that you may have an interest in reading. As you girlies know, we now have Teflon brains and often cannot have the focus power that we have had in the past. Feel free to come here often and hopefully you will FEEL the loving support that me and other mamas are sending. Hopefully you will begin to see sparks of hope for your future...

Hugs... Pamela

Preparing for Your Child's Funeral - Before the Funeral

Preparing for your child's funeral

Know that people who are grieving...
  • Do not HEAR very well
  • Do not SEE very well
  • Do not THINK the way they normally do...
Everyone has a different journey.

These are the following suggestions to take into considerations before a funeral.

Before the funeral:
- If someone asks to do something. LET THEM. and let me repeat... LET THEM!

- Have someone write things down for you.. calls, messages, people
that stop by and what they have brought or done.

-Consider having a friend video tape the funeral. It may bring you
comfort later to hear the words.

-Consider having someone take pictures of all of the flowers. It is not possible to remember

- Sadly, when a child dies, the media will often become involved.  It is a rare occurrence that the media will get the details correct regarding the death of your child and its my personal opinion- "do not feed the animals." The more you give the media, the more they want. You didn't ask to be in the headlines so DON'T! Be quiet to them and they will leave.


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