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If you are new to this club (that no one asked to join- the one where your child has died), it is best to start by going to the BOTTOM RIGHT and look at the "Pages" section. Under this section you will find resources for mothers who are grieving the loss of their child. Resources to help your children deal with grief are also grouped together.

Next, feel free to look at the "Blog Archives." There are many topics that you may have an interest in reading. As you girlies know, we now have Teflon brains and often cannot have the focus power that we have had in the past. Feel free to come here often and hopefully you will FEEL the loving support that me and other mamas are sending. Hopefully you will begin to see sparks of hope for your future...

Hugs... Pamela

What's the Dealeo with Tears?

What's the dealeo about tears?! 
Tears are OK... In fact, if you didn't have tears I would be concerned. No one CHOOSES to grieve because they WANT to... It would initially appear to be far less painful to just do everything that you
can to avoid it.

Cry, sob, laugh at memories, and mourn the fact that your child isn't here on this earth any more. It is what a mama is supposed to do... BUT DO get out of bed everyday and eat nutritious meals. Take care of your physical body and try to move it by walking. Attempt to take breaks from grief by laughing at silly movies. It won't feel the same as before, but as I have mentioned before, it is a 24/7 type of stressor on your body.

Breathe deeply. Stretch your muscles. Grief makes you curl up and your muscles tight. Many people do not even realize how tight they are holding their muscles. Stretch your head slowly from side to
side. Frontwards and backwards. Then stretch your entire body to one side and then the other. You will feel the places that you need to stretch once you start.

Just don't be afraid to feel anything that you are feeling...  There isn't a written description on how to do this...  but FEEL... and keep living.


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